Who we are

Portuguese Sea

“The salty sea, how much of your salt
Are Portugal’s tears!
For crossing you, how many mothers have wept
How many sons have prayed in vain!
How many brides remained unmarried
That you might be ours, the sea!
Was it worthwhile? Everything is worthwhile
If the soul is not small.
Who wants to go beyond the Bojador
Must pass beyond the pain.
God gave the sea the danger and the abyss,
But in it he mirrored heaven”.
(Fernando Pessoa)

The great poet Fernando Pessoa masterfully translated the soul and vocation that have always marked the Portuguese people: navigation and great discoveries! Thus, when he said: “O salty sea, how much of your salt is the tears of Portugal”, he accurately summarised the value of these pioneering people. So much was lost “so that you might be ours, the sea”.

Imbued with this spirit, a Portuguese who immigrated to South Africa very early in life, began in the 1980s what would become, today, this solid Portuguese Shipbuilding company. His journey began by undertaking Mechanical Engineering in that country and, with the vast experience acquired in large-scale piping projects on an industrial scale.

Years later, this experience was combined with the desire to follow new paths and then, already on Portuguese soil, began the transition to expertise to what it is today: High standard Shipbuilding.

A short time later, his son, today CEO, took over, with his studies and know-how accumulated in this segment, in addition to the range of collaborators and customers that were added. Many experiences and projects were developed and executed around the world, until:

Kyara Marine International was born!

Today, Kyara Marine International has a team of highly qualified collaborators, both in its head office in Portugal and in its Finnish unit, which explains its journey of success. To the expertise acquired in the areas of interior construction and piping, it adds new aspects, such as civil construction in large developments, beach areas, swimming pools, houses and various projects, all of excellence.

Its mobility, which allows it to render several services simultaneously in any part of the planet, is, without any doubt, a differential recognized by its clients.

Thus, from the pioneering dream told before to the successful experience that is now a reality, we keep looking ahead, certain that, in the words of the great poet: everything is worthwhile, when the soul is not small!